Phalaenopsis from Denmark

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Gartneriet Rønbæk A/S started in 1978 by Ove and Erik Schwartz (father and son). The company has grown through the years and today has a greenhouse area of 20000 m2. Gartneriet Rønbæk A/S is managed by Erik and his two sons Søren and Christian. In the beginning, the company focused mainly on foliage indoor plants. In 1997 started the first production of orchids, at the time as a niche production. Since Phalaenopsis has proven to be an excellent and very popular pot plant, due to its incredible durability, easy care and the wide range of colors and shades, Gartneriet Rønbæk A/S has decided to produce exclusively Phalaenopsis ever since. The company counts with 15 full time workers and produces around 900.000 Phalaenopsis plants in three size versions 6, 9 and 12 cm pots.

At Gartneriet Rønbæk A/S special efforts are made in search of continuously offering an interesting mix of new and exciting colors in our assortment.


You can recognize our products by the bag with the Danish butterfly


NEW “Geisha” a new beautiful Phalaenopsis

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